Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What eyebrow shape suits you best?

Hi everyone, today I have decided to talk about what eyebrow shape will flatter you face. It took me forever to find a shape that I liked and thought suited me, so I thought I'd help out any of you who, like me, find it hard to choose a shape.

Your eyebrows frame your face and the secret to great eyebrows is to understand you face shape. There are 6 basic face shapes which include: oval, long, round, square, heart and diamond. You eyebrows can shorten, elongate, widen or enlarge the shape of your face, which is why it's important to study your features and face, so you can make the most of what you have.


The oval face is considered to be the "ideal face shape". If this is you then a soft round angled brow will suit you best. Shown here on Megan Fox.


If you have a long  face then a  flat, straight eyebrow shape will appear to soften and shorten your facial structure, as demonstrated by Sarah Jessica Parker.


If you have a round face like me and Kirsten Dunst then a high arched brow will elongate your face and refine your features.


Square faces should have a thicker and curved eyebrow. This will help soften your features and bring more attention to your eyes. As worn by the gorgeous Kelly Osborne.


Heart shaped faces like Reece Witherspoon suit a low arch, round brow. This creates a natural look and compliments the heart shape of the face.


Last but definitely not least, if you have a diamond shaped face, like the fabulous Kourtney Kardashian, then you should go for the curved eyebrow because this will soften and shorten the angles of your face.

Did you find this post helpful?
Much love Toni xoxo

Sunday, 11 May 2014

I haven't shared a quote in a while!!!

"I'm an ocean, because I'm really deep. If you search deep enough you can find rare exotic treasures."- Christina Aguilera

Thursday, 8 May 2014

What was i thinking?

Hi everyone, today I was thinking about all cringe worthy clothes and accessories I have worn in the past. So for fun I have decided to list a few to see if anyone else remembers how bad some fashion trends were.

1. Pop pants- when I was about 5 or 6 I used to wear these (shame). If you were lucky enough not to have worn these they were pants that had press fasteners down the side of the leg that would open, I'm not sure what the point was because everyone only wore them shut? Even more shamefully is that I had them I'm shorts as well. The only differences to the picture is that mine had orange strips down the side.

2. Blow up bag- I used to love using my blow up back pack, I always wanted the hand bag but was never allowed.

3. Flashing dummies- If you didn't have one of these around your neck in school your life was over. I loved to wear mine and walk around with it in my mouth like a baby(shame).

4. Butterfly clips- I used to wear tonnes of these thing in my hair and they were fab until it came to taking them out, painful is not the word.

Did you wear any of these things?
Much love Toni xoxo

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lip voltage

Hi everyone, so last night before going out I went to my sister's house to get ready with my cousin, niece and sister. We did the usual things, hair and makeup along with a few drinks. After we had done our makeup my cousin pulled out her 'lip voltage' and told us we had to try it. I'd not heard of it before and was curious, and sceptical, about how good this product worked. So one by one we all took turns to apply it to our lips, it comes in a doe-foot style lip gloss which makes the application simple. I'm not going to lie, this product is really painful, it feel like lots of little needles stabbing your lips all at once. After a while the pain goes (20-30mins) and the results are amazing. Your lips look full and plump like you have just had a filler done. I was so shocked because I thought it would be the type of thing that everyone raves about but is never as good as you thought, how wrong I was (i wish I thought ahead and took a before and after pictures for you all to see the results). This product is not the cheapest thing ever, I found it for between £18.99 and £24.99, but it is definitely worth the money. After a bit of research I have noticed that it is sold out on almost all the sites I found it on, and others have a waiting list of buyer's. If you can find anywhere that has 'lip voltage' in stock can you let me know in the comment because I really really want one!

Have any of you tried 'lip voltage'? What did you think?
Much love Toni xoxo

What's in my clutch?

Hi everyone, tonight I'm going out and I thought that it was a good opportunity to do a 'what's in my clutch?' post. I hate carrying lots of things on a night out so I have tried my best to keep it minimal. My clutch is the one I previously showed in my haul post.

  • Maxfactor masterpiece max mascara- I love this mascara and it is the perfect size to slip in to my bag and doesn't take up too much room.
  • MUA lipstick shade 16 nectar- For me this is a must because even if I use a straw I will need a touch up at some point in the night.
  • Duo-fiber face brush by real techniques- I hate taking compacts out with me because they always break so I just take a brush to go over any area that needs a touch up.
  • Small leopard purse- I hate when I see people who use a clutch like it's a giant purse.
  • Passport- even though I'm nearly 23 I always get asked for ID so this is a must.
  • My phone- It acts as my Camera when I'm out and comes in handy when I need a taxi.

I hope you liked this post. What do you carry in your clutch?
Much love Toni xoxo

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Vicky Pattison Shows Off Toned Midriff In Steamy Lingerie Selfie

She’s certainly got the goods to warrant showing them off.
Vicky Pattison is looking hot. Copyright [Instagram]
So no wonder Vicky Pattison has decided to share a rather steamy selfie donning a teeny tiny set of lingerie.

The 27-year-old Geordie Shore beauty took the picture in her dressing room during a photo shoot - and couldn’t stop herself from uploading it onto Instagram.

She captioned the saucy snap: “Couldn't resist... #playingphotographer #selfie #noairbrush #helllaaawww”

But Vicky didn’t stop there after being asked by her fans where her swimsuit that she wore in her new series Ex On The Beach was from.
Vicky Pattison modelled her Ex on the Beach swimsuit for her fans. Copyright [Instagram]
Taking a picture of herself modeling the one piece (well of course) Vicky was quick to let her fans find out exactly where they could get their hands on it.

She wrote: “For everyone asking, my gorgeous cut out swimsuit from the first Ep of @mtvex's was from @asos_studio! Get following now guys! #fashion #rollonsummer #whosexisnext #selfie”

[Vicky Pattison's DVD advert comes under fire for being misleading]
[Vicky Pattison reveals HOW she lost weight in new interview]

Last year Vicky lost an impressive three stone, prompting her to release a now best selling fitness DVD.
When Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison saw a less than flattering snap of herself in a bikini last year, she decided …
However, in recent weeks, the star admitted that  she hasn’t been quite as strict with her training regime, resulting in a weight gain of 12lbs.

She told new! magazine:"I'm trying really hard but it's not my main focus any more. I'm back into parting and living my life so it's slightly fallen by the wayside.

"I have put on weight. I'm 8st 12lbs."

Weight gain or not, she still looks incredible.

I found this post here

I just love this girl and think she looks absolutely amazing in these pictures, that is why I decided to share this post with you today. I guess it just shows what a bit of hard work and commitment can do. I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did.
Much love Toni xoxo