Friday, 13 February 2015

HP Stream 11

Hello beautiful people, so today I decided to treat myself to a new laptop, yay. As you can see from the title it is the HP stream 11 and I think I am in love. Recently I have been using my Kindle fire HD to write my blog posts, and it was fine but I needed something with a key board to make the job a bit easier. I'm not really a computer lover so I didn't need a big flashy laptop with all the extras you can get on them, but when I saw the HP stream being advertised on the TV I new it was the one for me.
This laptop(technically a notebook) was just £179, which is an absolute bargain, it comes with windows 8, 1 year free Microsoft office software and a voucher for the windows store(what more could you ask for). For me this is perfect because it gets the job done, it also helps that it is pink haha.
I am so excited with my new purchase and can't wait for all the new posts I'm going to write with it. Sorry this wasn't the longest post ever but I just wanted to update you with my new blogging technology.
See you soon with a new post.
Much Love Toni xoxo

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