Saturday, 22 March 2014

Daily essentials

Hi everyone, a lot of the beauty blogs I have read talk about different makeup they use , different brands etc. Today I want to write about my daily essentials, these are the little things I use when I'm getting ready and doing my makeup, that I couldn't live without, sometimes get overlooked or under appreciated .
So here goes:-
Wipes- Not the most exciting thing on my list but they are essential. So we all know what wipes are for, but if not they are for taking your makeup off. I have used many different brands of wipes and have been really disappointed with them, either they don't smell nice or they are quite dry. At the moment I have been using 'natura' cleansing wipes and I really like them as they smell quite nice and they are very moist. They leave my skin generally cleansed and do "what it says on the packet" as the saying goes.

Moisturiser- With summer just around the corner moisturizing is so important. I'm using Ted Baker origami souffle. I can't describe how good this stuff actually smells. It leaves you skin feeling so soft and moisturizer without leaving the stickiness that you get of some other moisturizers. It also lasts a really long time as you only need to use a small amount.

Lip balm- I hate when my lips go dry, so lip balm is my best friend. I use maybelline baby lips and they are amazing. I think the first one I bought was 'pink punch' and after I used it for about a week I went back and bought all them. The packaging is really cute and they make your lips feel fab. At the minute I'm using 'cherry me' which gives a natural red tint look. Lip balm is one of my most used products as I use it morning, noon and night, I'd be lost without it.

So what do you have that you couldn't live without ?    Toni   xoxo 


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    1. Thank you and I have follow your blog it looks really good can't wait to read your posts. xxx


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