Thursday, 20 March 2014

My real techniques brush collection x

                                                                      Hi everyone,                                                                         Just in case you didn't know these are the real techniques makeup brushes by the well known youtuber(pixiwoo) and makeup artist Samantha Chapman. I saw these brushes on a lot of the YT makeup tutorials I watched and instantly wanted them for my collection. As a whole I love using them and they have become an essential part of my daily makeup routine. So what makes these brushes so amazing? Well, they have really soft, synthetic bristles and each brush has its name written on its side which Is handy for people who are just starting to use makeup. At the moment I only own the brushes that come in sets from the 'core collection', 'starter set' and the 'duo-fiber collection'. Out of all the brushes in my collection my favourite has to be the buffer brush which comes in the core collection. I use this brush to apply my foundation, (although you do get a traditional foundation brush) it takes all the effort away leaving my foundation even with no makeup line in sight. I would definitely recommend these brushes and can't wait to buy more and build my collection. xxx

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