Tuesday, 25 March 2014

wreck this journal

Hi everyone, today I thought I'd tell you about my new favourite hobby. My wreak this journal.

The point of this journal is to DESTROY it. Each page has an instruction prompting you to wreck it: poke holes in this page, spill something on that page.... You can be as messy, creative or destructive as you want. I got my journal as a Christmas present and I think it is one of the best gifts of ever been given. Since I received this book I've had so much fun and in my opinion everyone should own this journal.

Here are a few of my completed pages for you to see. If you own one of these journal's or have any creative ideas let me know in the comments. Toni xoxo

Page of good thoughts, scratch using a sharp object, glue staple or tape pages together, rip it up

Sell this page

Colour outside of the lines 


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  3. Thank you and your welcome xxx


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