Sunday, 23 March 2014

Primark haul

Hi everyone, So today I went shopping to get my mum some gifts for mothers day and just couldn't resist going in to primark. It been ages since I've been and was really impressed with how sensible I was with my purchase.
The first things I got where these jelly shoes and frilly socks(it's hard to see in the picture but they are pink). I used to love these shoes when I was a kid and when I saw them in primark I got really excited. They were only £4 which I thought was a bargain. I got the socks for £1.50 and thought they'd look cute with shorts or a dress.

I have been wanting a matte nail varnish for a while now so when I saw this top coat for £1 it went straight in to my  basket with this other spotty one. I'm not sure what the spotty one will look like on but it was half price at £1 so I couldn't resist.

When I bought these scrunchies I think I was remembering my childhood and how much I used to love them. I'm not too sure if or when I will ever wear them, oh well for £1 I don't mind.

This is the last thing I bought in primark and I  think it is my favourite. It's an oversize t-shirt/dress thing. I was thinking it would look good with my jellies in the summer or with tights now while it's still a bit cold. It cost £6 and I thought it was a bargain.
              This I how I think I will wear it.

My next purchase was not from primark but I  got it on the same shopping trip and thought I'd share it anyways.

I got this lipstick from superdrug for £2.99. It's from the Little Mix range by collection. This colour is Leigh-Anne and is a deep red. It is highly pigmented and I think it looks lovely on and feels amazing.

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  1. Love the cute jelly shoes! I'll have to check those out, love the post!


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