Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday night facial

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't done a post in a few days, I've been so busy and haven't had a minute to myself. So this is the post I was supposed to do 2 days ago, but hey, better late that never. Anyway I'm glad I put it off because Friday night pampering is the best. They give me a chance to relax and have some me time.

The first thing I do is cleanse, tone and exfoliate my face. This is to remove all my makeup and any dirt that has gotten in to my pores. To cleanse and tone I use pure claenser and toner which I bought for £1 each and even though they were so cheap there really good. I also use the Garnier pure pads to lightly exfoliate my face, they also give a deeper cleanse.

Next comes the face mask. I absolutely love face masks and I have tonnes of them lying around the house. I think my favourite ones are the self heating because they feel amazing to wear.

Today I decide to use my beauty formulas deep cleansing mud mask. I love the beauty formulas masks because you only need to leave them on for about 3 minutes and then wash them off, simple. (BTW my head band is from primark and I use it too keep the mask out of my hair)

The last step in my facial, but second to last on my list, is moisturiser and anti-blemish gel. My moisturiser is from orchard and bloom, it's and antiwrinkle night cream with added Q10(that's what it says on the front). I just like to use this because it smells really amazing and it leaves my skin soft. My anti-blemish gel is from superdrug and it is an own brand one (you can get it here for £2.59). For an own brand product I really like it, it does what it says on the box and that is all I need.

The last part of my Friday facial is not actually part of the facial. It's the part I think I enjoy the most after a long week in work. Putting on a nice clean pair of pyjamas, climbing in bed and watching a film.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I promise I'll remember to do another one tomorrow. Are there any tips you have about giving myself a facial? 
 Much love Toni xoxo

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