Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hair essentials

Hi everyone, toady I want tell you about the hair products and tools that I could not live without. My hair is naturally a big ball of fuzz, and used to take me ages to tame, but with the help of these few products it is a lot more manageable. I will link the name of each product for you in case you want to take a closer look.

As my hair is so wild I tend to use a lot of heat to make it look suitable to go out in public.

1.Babyliss extreme air Hair Dryer.
It's not very often that I blow dry my hair, as I tend to wash it of a night and leave it to dry naturally, but when I do I love using this dryer. Because I have thick hair it used to take ages for me to blow dry, but since I bought this one my hair drys a lot faster.

2.TRESemme Volume Curl Wand
When I go out I love to curl my hair. With this wand I can have tight bouncy curls in about 15 minutes. It took me a few times of use to not burn my ears, but it was defiantly worth it.

3.Remington Multi Style
I use these hair straighteners almost everyday. They are amazing. They leave my hare so sleek and straight, and the best part is they curl my hair as well. Now I know you can use any straightener to curl your hair, but these allow you to change how large they are because the sides extend to adjust what size curl you want. I use these to curl my hair if I want a looser curl rather than the tight curl I get with my wand.

Because I use a lot of heat on my hair I used to find it would damage and snap off easily. It took me a while to find products that made my hair feel good again but I did find them.

1.Pantene Illuminating Shine Hairspray
I love using this hairspray because unlike others I have used in this past, it has amazing hold but doesn't leave my hair looking dry and stiff. It also brushes out which means I don't have to wash my hair every time I use it.

2.ARGAN OIL Shampoo & Conditioner
I love argan oil products. The shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel so soft and leave it a lot more manageable.

3.Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave in Spray
Because I use so much heat on my hair this spray really helps to protect it. Since I started to use it my hair has stopped breaking off and feels much healthier.

4.Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask
I know I already use the Argan oil conditioner, but I like to use this mask about once every other week as an added boost for my hair. When I use it I can feel a big difference in my hair, it's like my hair has been moisturised.

5.Argan Oil Hair Treatment With Moroccan Oil
I love to use this when I'm leaving my hair to dry naturally because it reduces the frizz. I also like to use it after I straighten my hair to add a bit of extra shine.

So they are my most used hair products. Do you recommend any other products to reduce the damage to my hair? Much love Toni xoxo

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