Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sneek peek in to my bedroom

Hi everyone, today I have decided to show you the storage I use in my bedroom to hold all my jewellery, beauty products, etc.

First of all I will point out that all my units are from IKEA. I absolutely love them, there so simple and make my life a lot easier. I will leave a link by each picture if you fancy taking a look.

So my first and main source of storage are my chest of draws from the malm range at IKEA(here)
In here I keep most of my clothes. I also use one of the top draws for my daily makeup and some hair accessories. I got the dividers from IKEA for £6 and I think they are really handy.

On top of my draws I have my photo album, perfumes , jewellery and some makeup bits.

I store all my necklaces in a large glass cookie jar which I was given for Christmas. On the lid I have a necklace I found at a sale in new look, my Cartier bangle and my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. I think the smaller one was meant to be a herb container, I got is at home bargains for about 29p, the money went towards breast cancer reasearch so I had to get it and it came in really handy to put my earings in.

Last I have my real techniques brushes which I store in this cute cup and my lip balm that I keep in an old candle glass.

The next unit I use is a 2 draw chest also from the malm range (here). This is were I keep all my creams, cleansers, and other facial things.

Next are my two zebra print boxes, my DVD units and my tv stand.
First let's start with the DVD units and tv stand. As you have already guessed, I use my DVD units to store all my dvds. I got them from IKEA and they are the Benno DVD towers (here). I also got my tv stand from IKEA, it's from the Expedit range (here). In the bottom quarter I keep all my hair products in a little black basket.

In my zebra boxes I have some of my summer things that I haven't been able to wear through the winter (when the summer is here I will fill them with my jumpers). I like to keep them in these boxes because it gives me a lot more space in my chest of draws. On top of one I have 3 smaller boxes, one holds my nail varnish and the others have things I don't want to be on show, bits and pieces. On top of my other zebra box I have my Cecilia Ahern books and some of the things I use on my wreak this journal.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any storage tips that I could use. Much love Toni xoxo

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  1. Wow you have a chest of drawers kinda like mine and then I also put all my jewellery and make up equipment up there as well apart from nail polishes... they have their own shelf off the side of my desk. And then you have an awful lot of dvds! You should share some of your favourite ones with us sometime.



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