Saturday, 19 April 2014

Beauty and fashion haul x

Hi everyone, today I went shopping in town and got myself some amazing bargains, so I thought I should share them with you in a haul.

So a per usual the first shop I visited was primark. It felt like I hadn't been in ages and I wanted to see if they had any nice bikini's in that I could put away for my hols in July. I love primark bikini's because their prices are so good and they fit really well. I was so excited to when I spotted this bikini, I thought that the colour and pattern looked so pretty. You can't well in the picture but I love the top were it has been slightly gathered, it's so cute. The top cost just £6 and the bottoms £4.

The next shop I visited was Storm were I bought my new clutch. I've been meaning to buy a new clutch for a while, but never found the right one. I wanted it to be versatile so I could wear it with almost anything, the only problem was I didn't want it to be plane. When I spotted this I had to have it. I think the colours in it look fab and I would be able to use it with almost any outfit. It cost me £10 which I thought was amazing value for money.

The last shop I visited today was pound world. I like to pop in there every now and then to look at their makeup.
For anyone who has not been to pound world, this is a shop where all the products are £1. In the makeup section they have branded makeup in these purple wrappers, sometimes it's really nice stuff and sometimes not so much. Today however was a good day. In total I spent £3 on makeup. With this section of my haul I'm going to list what I got in my bags and next to them I will show the online retail price to give you and idea of the money I saved. All the products I bought today are Barry M, I chose them because I think the colours will look really nice this summer.

  1. Eyeliner pen shade 7 (silver)-£3.99
  2. Eyeliner pen shade 5 (kingfisher blue)-£3.99
  3. Kohl pencil shade 13 (pastel turquoise)-£2.99
  4. Shimmering eye and lip crayon shade 7 (bronze/gold)- £4.95
  5. Shimmering eye and lip crayon shade 6 (violet)- £4.95
  6. Metallic liquid eyeliner shade 6 (pink)-£4.79
  7. Liquid eyeliner shade 7 (turquoise)-£4.79
That is a total saving of £27.45 (yay me)

So that is everything I bought today. It wasn't a huge amount but I really love everything. Do you know a place that does bargain makeup? Much love Toni xoxo 


  1. Great post, I love the bikini x

  2. Great post, lovely bikini!
    xoxo, tina
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  3. Hi, Toni! Oh I see the clutch you were talking about, it's so cute! Thank you for stopping by the blog ;)


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